software developer

Working on software development and project management for nine years. Focus has been data mining and insights web applications. Experience with multi-terrabyte / day data analytics applications.



  • web applications
  • business intelligence
  • industrial data analytics
  • transactional database systems


  • automated decision systems
  • big data platforms
  • systems integration
  • information extraction


  • software project management
  • software estimation
  • technical hiring
  • account management


  • Oversaw team of thirty people located across three continents
  • Account manager for $4M annual of software contracts for four years running
  • Built algorithms which managed millions of dollars annually in advertising spend
  • Account manager for performance marketing platform managing with more than $10M in advertising spend annually
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  • flow analytics

    Web analytics providing marketers and product managers with the ability to identify the source of visits to their web sites from search, social and partner channels. Managed customer requirements gathering, inter-company team integration, project roadmap and product delivery. Worked closely with customer to achieve product delivery in time to meet corporate wide milestones.

  • keyword discovery

    Uncover new sources of keywords through external (Google & Bing) or internal (on-site) search sources. Executed all project management tasks as described above. Gathered customer requirements, defined acceptance criteria, managed project execution and delivery. Impact: 6% incremental revenue earned at 20% return on investment in the first three months after project delivery.

  • keyword value

    Enables customer marketing teams to identify the value of individual keywords (200k+/day) to efficiently optimize traffic. The project was built on a big data software stack (Hadoop, HDFS, Pig). Defined requirements and acceptance criteria. Managed project execution and delivery. Impact: 13% incremental revenue earned at 18% return on investment in the first three months after project delivery.

  • keyword optimization

    Managing bids for millions of keywords using human resources is extremely challenging. The goal of this project was to provide automated decision processes which could replace the need for manual bid management. Managed a team consisting of a research scientist, engineers and analysts to develop a suite of algorithms for managing keyword bids with the goal of profit maximization, bid landscape probing and keyword activation. The system ultimately managed the bulk of advertising spend for search campaigns spending millions of dollars in annual search marketing spend. Impact: delivered $1.2M of incremental profit in the first year of production operation.